The Overlap EP

The Overlap - New Architecture (Live @ Bus Palladium, Paris, May 8th 2015)

The Overlap - Envelop Me (Live @ Supersonic, Paris, March 26th 2016)

The Overlap concert dates

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Past dates

Mar. 26, 2016SupersonicParis

Feb. 6, 2016Le BuzzParis

Dec. 7, 2015L'InternationalParis

May 8, 2015Bus PalladiumParis

Jan. 18, 2015Café de la PresseParis

The Overlap is a Paris-based band started in 2013. Blending electronics with a strong presence of guitar and piano, their eclectic music reflects the diverse backgrounds of its three members (indie rock, jazz, electronics). Their first EP was released on October 2014.

The Overlap are:

Delis Elma - lead vocals & percussions
J.J. Burred - keys & electronics
Simon Maller - guitars & electronics


Photo by Sam Smith